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1. History, Art and Archaeology of Doiyang-Dhansiri Valley, Assam 2. Assam Archaeology 2003-04; A Review
3. A Few Inscriptional Discoveries in Assam 4. Ambari Archaeological Site An Interim Report
5. Conservation of Archaeological Sites and Monuments in Assam : A Report 6. A Guide Book on the Archaeological Sites and Monuments listed by the Directorate of Archaeology, Assam
7. The Directorate of Archaeology Assam Since Its Inception 8. River Brahmaputra in the Culture and Vision of Assam
9. Byatikram 10. Mok Eti Sur Kori Tola (A Biographical book on Artist Mihir Bardoloi)
11. Majulir Sattriya Sthapatyar Obhilekh
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